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U.S. Bombs "We Are The Problem"

Shrouded in clouds of controversy, rumor and legend for the entirety of their existence, U.S. Bombs have kept the crucial element of danger in the punk scene like no other band since the Sex Pistols. Fronted by pro-skateboarding legend Duane Peters, the U.S. Bombs have always had high visibility in the worlds of punk rock and skateboarding. On "We Are The Problem," Duane and the boys traverse the musical spectrum with everything from full on punk songs, to rock riff oriented attacks, to Pogues-type ballads and Ramones-esque fifties-punk sing-alongs.

Track Listing:

1. We Are The Problem
2. Get Me Wrong
3. Do It Again
4. Revolution Weekend
5. Heartbreak Motel
6. 4th Of July
7. Destroy The Nation
8. Hammered Again
9. Last Dischord
10. Like You
11. Locked In My Skin
12. Guns Of The West
13. Back Inside
14. Tonight
15. Cheers