Nitro Records


AFI "Very Proud of Ya"

This album is A.F.I.'s first release on Nitro Records and is packed full of melodic hardcore. Twenty tracks. East Bay hardcore at its finest. Now available again on vinyl and CD. Vinyl version includes three additional tracks.

Track Listing:

1. He Who Laughs Last...
2. File 13
3. Wake-Up Call
4. Cult Status
5. Perfect Fit
6. Advances In Modern Technology
7. Theory Of Revolution
8. This Secret Ninja
9. Soap-Box Derby
10. Aspirin Free
11. Fishbowl
12. Charles Atlas
13. Crop Tub
14. Consult My Lover
15. Take The Test
16. Two Of A Kind
17. Shatty Fatmas
18. Yurf Rendenmein
19. Cruise Control
20. Modern Epic
21. Who Said You Could Touch Me (LP only bonus track)
22. Rolling Balls (LP only bonus track)
23. Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing (LP only bonus track)