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Faz Waltz "Callin' Loud"

Quickly following the lead single for "Good Time Is Callin' Loud," this is the fifth full-length since 2010 from the band that formed in Milan, Italy back in 207. Since that formation, Faz Waltz has been at the forefront of the renaissance of glam along with their fellow countrymen Giuda, paying homage to the classics like Slade and Jook. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Goin' Crazee
2. Good Time Is Callin' Loud
3. Boogaloo Boots
4. Teenage Freaks
5. All Over The Place
6. Dynamite Sam
7. Groovin' Alright
8. Company Gates
9. Rock'N'Roll Boy
10. Rollback