Equal Vision Records


Gatherers "We Are Alive Beyond Repair"


Gatherers offers their own fresh take on the post-hardcore genre made popular by fellow New Jersey artists Glassjaw, La Dispute, and Thursday - a little faster, a little louder, and with even more urgency and rough-around-the-edges appeal. Gatherers' second full-length release through Equal Vision Records, "We Are Alive Beyond Repair," explores new ground both lyrically and sonically, following the bands 2015 release, "Quiet World." For fans of Expire, A Loss For Words, Superheaven, Envy, and Defeater. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Spill
2. Every Pain In Monochrome
3. Coat
4. The Floorboards Are Breathing
5. Tape
6. Infinity & Gloom
7. A Reverie In Mass Transit
8. Lambs To The Chapel
9. Passengers Of Youth
10. Ann Liv Young
11. Starve