Black Noise Records


Instant Ruin "Hardcore New Wave"


Featuring Brad Logan (F-Minus) on vocals and guitars, along with Gabba (Chaos UK) on guitars and drum programming, Instant Ruin takes the critical mass of the Alternative Tentacles, Wax Trax!, and early-UK82 scenes, and explodes in an amalgamation of chaos. "Hardcore New Wave" features six songs of forward-thinking hardcore punk that combine electronics, industrial noise, and shredding guitar work that will have you coming back for repeat listens over and over again. For fans of Lard, Killing Joke, and Conflict. 7" includes an embroidered patch.

Track Listing:

1. Yer Future
2. Christian Fascist
3. Laff Track
4. Data Spill
5. Miserable Half The Time
6. Gun Violence