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It Dies Today "Sirens"

Born and bred among the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene, IDT formed in August of 201. The group features vocalist Nicholas Brooks, guitarist Chris Cappelli, guitarist Mike Hatalak, bassist Steve Lemka, and drummer Nick Mirusso. The group creates a blend of brutal riffs and punishing breakdowns, coupled with huge anthemic and driving melodic sections as well. This dichotomy within their sound has gained them fans across the metal, hardcore and emo scenes as well as the ability to bring both sexes together in the pit.

Track Listing:

1. A Constant Reminder
2. A Port In Any Storm
3. The Bacchanal Affair
4. Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur)
5. Sixth Of June
6. Reignite The Fires
7. Black Bile, White Lies
8. Sirens
9. Through Leaves, Over Bridges
10. On The Road (To Damnation)
11. Turn Loose The Doves