Black Numbers

Alright "On The Outs" $5.00
Banquets "s/t" from $10.00
Banquets "Spit At The Sun" $15.00
Banquets / Nightmares For A Week "Split" $12.00
Big Loser "Love You, Barely Living" from $11.00
Brackish "Coming Down" $5.00
Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party "Basilisk"
Out of Stock
Cassavetes "Oh So Long" $12.00
Choke Up "Black Coffee, Bad Habits" $9.00
Cosmic Reaper "Demon Dance" $19.00
Dirty Shrines "Digital Ego" $16.00
Drip Fed "s/t" $5.00
Fucko "Dealing With The Weird" $12.00
Graduation Speech "Maintenance Required" $7.00
Graduation Speech "Quiet & Calm" $7.00
Great Lakes USA "Live Fast, Die Whenever" $12.00
Great Lakes USA "Stumbling Distance" $6.00
Hot Knife "Distant Son b/w Skillets" $5.00
Hot Knife "Dread" $11.00
Hot Knife "My Fangs" $11.00
Hot Mass "Happy, Smiling & Living The Dream" $18.00
In The Pines "Sides" $5.00
Light Years "I Won't Hold This Against You" $10.00
Lilac Daze "Future Unknown b/w Glow In The Dark" $5.00
Lilac Daze "s/t" $8.00
Lilac Daze "Sedated"
Out of Stock
Luther "Siblings & Sevens" $9.00
Maker "s/t" $11.00
Muscle & Bone "Peace & Light" $12.00
Pass Away "Hey Death" $12.00
Pentimento "Inside The Sea" $6.00
Pentimento "s/t" $10.00
PJ Bond "Where Were You?" $12.00
PJ Bond / Brian Bond "Brother Bones/Baby Bones (Split)" from $10.00
Placeholder "I Don't Need Forgiveness" $12.00
Puddle Splasher "Poor Planning" $6.00
Save Ends "A Book About Bad Luck" - LP (Color Vinyl) $16.00
Save Ends "Hug Your Friends" $4.50
Scary Stories "Rope" $5.00
Sleep In. "Cleaner Days b/w Old Friend Pt. II" $5.00
Sleep In. "Tension & Release" $7.00
Starving Arts "Funeral Days" $5.00
Static Radio NJ "Resentiments" $15.00
The Color And Sound "Peace Of Mind" $12.00
The Color And Sound "The Spring Tour" $12.00
The Hunters "Art Electric" $12.00
Tidal Arms "s/t" $12.00
Typesetter "Wild's End" $12.00
Vultures United "I Still Feel Cold" from $10.00