Pirates Press Records


Armada "Bandeira Negra"

For over two decades, the Brazilian punk rock flagship Blind Pigs sailed the wild and tempestuous seas of what punk rock can be in South America. Four of its remaining seamen boldly decided to carry on, enlisting one more sailor to join the ranks of the Armada. Pirates Press Records is extremely proud to help fly this flag by offering up this debut LP to other parts of the world. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Semper Adversus
2. 1982
3. Armada
4. Punk Da Pedreira
5. Eterno Marujo
6. Mares Bravios
7. O Odio Venceu
8. Indios Corsarios
9. Bandeira Negra
10. Proxima Estacao
11. Comandos Em Acao
12. Lisboa
13. Faca & Fogo
14. Tirania
15. Desperdicio De Milagre
16. Cobra Criada
17. Um So Refrao