Triple-B Records


Broken Vow "Anthropocene"


PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping, the covers to this release have varying degrees of seam splits.

New England-based band Broken Vow is creating hardcore with purpose and urgency. Formed in early 2020 after meeting through their local scene, the five-piece band released a demo that same year and followed it up with the 2021 EP "Sane Minds End." After a stream of relentless touring and what seemed like endless writing, the band is proud to announce their first full-length album, "Anthropocene," on Triple-B Records.

Track Listing:

1. Burning Your Throne
2. Kingdom Dies
3. Evil Armies
4. Function
5. 1.5
6. Propaganda Of The Deed
7. Shift Tactics
8. Reversal
9. No More Air