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Chamberlain "Fate's Got A Driver"

Formed as the Indiana hardcore band Split Lip evolved from hardcore band to mature indie rock songwriters, Chamberlain influenced generations of emo-rock bands from Braid and the Get Up Kids to Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional. This LP re-release not only features the eight tracks from the "Fate's Got A Driver" record, but five previously unreleased tracks including a Split Lip demo song originally used for Anti-Matter Fanzine and a live track from CBGB plus more. Includes MP3 download with additional content.

Track Listing:

1. Her Side Of Sundown
2. Street Singer
3. Yellow Like Gold
4. Five Year Diary
5. Uniontown
6. Surrendering The Ghost
7. Drums And Shotguns
8. The Simple Life
9. Uniontown (alternate version)
10. From Infinity To The Country Fair
11. Racing Cincinnati
12. Everything Here
13. Street Singer (live)