Light The Fuse Records


Cold Front "s/t"



This release, produced by Mike Dijan, contained the line-up Emmes (vocals), Harry (bass, Breakdown/Kalel), Nick B (guitar, Fit Of Anger), and Lou (drums, Breakdown/District 9/All Out War). Eleven songs of groovy hardcore with a typical New York sound were launched into the world and, till today, it's still a legendary record. Originally released on CD in 1996, it never got the credit it deserved by being pressed on vinyl, until now. Limited edition of 521 copies. Imported from the Netherlands.

Track Listing:

1. Trip Song
2. Grown Apart
3. Excuse For Hate
4. Draw The Line
5. Hold On
6. Fed Up
7. Obscured
8. King For The Night
9. Restless
10. Extremes
11. Time's Up