Dark Empire Records


Confront "Our Fight '87-'90"



Full Confront discography for the first time on vinyl with never-before-heard tracks. Confront was a part of the same Cleveland, OH, scene that spawned Integrity, Ringworm, and Face Value, but unlike the others, carried a strong straight-edge message and played with every notable band of the era when they came through. This features the band's infamous "Payday" 7", their three-song demo, and more.

Track Listing:

1. Our Fight (demo)
2. One Life Drug Free (demo)
3. Hold It Back (demo)
4. Wrong Choice
5. Right In The Eye
6. Payday
7. One Of A Kind
8. Wasted Life
9. Macho Man/Stand Your Ground
10. Stay Away
11. Be Yourself
12. Together Forever
13. Self Destruction
14. Join The Circus
15. Open Your Eyes
16. One Life Drug Free
17. Police Beat
18. Outro