Iron Lung Records


Extortion "Threats"


Picking up where 2022's "Seething" EP left off, "Threats" finds a reinvigorated Extortion further distilling their water-tight, stop/start, anti-feedback, powerviolence velocity. The new EP is an absolute brain pummel that will leave you more destroyed than ever. Seriously, this band just keeps getting faster and tighter and more ferocious with no limit to what they can do.

Track Listing:

1. Wrong Again
2. Not Good Enough
3. Snare
4. Watching
5. All Fucked Up
6. Bloodshot Eyes
7. Cut In Half
8. Problems
9. Want
10. Turn It Off
11. Death March
12. Fortress
13. Reduced To A Number
14. But Nobodys Home
15. Shoplift