Bridge Nine Records


For The Worse "The Chaos Continues"

For The Worse features Boston hardcore personality Mike McCarthy (A Poor Excuse) and his band of hooligans playing vintage Boston hardcore. Over and done with before you can pick your head up off the floor, this 18 song LP is specially priced as an MCD. Check out the chaos.

Track Listing:

1. Chaos Continues
2. The Truth Hurts
3. Stuck In My Head
4. Reverse The Curse
5. Shit Out Of Luck
6. Overpriviliged
7. TV Zombies
8. Burbs Part Two
9. No Rent Control
10. Catholic Guilt
11. Patriot For A Day
12. Oi! The Joke
13. You Put The SS In Boss
14. Hands Off
15. Going No Where Fast
16. And Justice For Who
17. War On The The War On Drugs
18. Guest Of Honor