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H2O "Use Your Voice"


It's been seven years since the release of a proper full-length album from H2O. Bicoastal hardcore punk pillars H2O return with "Use Your Voice," their first original studio album since 2008's "Nothing To Prove." While 2011's covers LP, "Don't Forget Your Roots," was a loving ode to their influences, "Use Your Voice" reignites H2O's classic mix of melodic hardcore aggression and pop-punk bounce with plenty of personal manifestos, inspirationally waxing poetic about love, hobby, and even being nurtured by a culture built on positivity and ethics, while remaining fun and jubilant. Now available on cassette.

Track Listing:

1. Black Sheep
2. Skate!
3. Thick & Thin
4. Use Your Voice
5. Father Figure
6. From The Heart
7. Popage
8. LYD
9. Still Dreaming
10. #NotRealLife
11. True Romance