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Hatred Surge "Human Overdose"

This current, back-to-basics, three-piece phase of Hatred Surge sees a much more apparent death metal influence but still retains the "grinding violence" stylings they are known (and loved) for. CD also includes the three songs from the "Brutal Supremacy" comp and the two-song "Purgatory" 7".

Track Listing:

1. Figurehead
2. Psychonaut
3. Hierarchy
4. Inoculation
5. Body
6. Four Walls
7. Skinjob
8. Suicide Mission
9. Delta Nine
10. God Complex
11. Jacob's Ladder
12. Human Overdose
13. Brutal Tyranny
14. Brutal Pharmaceutical
15. Brutal Supremacy
16. Purgatory
17. Like Rats