Haywire "Conditioned For Demolition"


Boston, MA, hardcore is alive and well, and on "Conditioned For Demolition," Haywire conjures the spirits of The Rival Mob and adds guest appearances by COA, Death Before Dishonor, Chubby Charlie, and Conservative Military Image for a full-on-party that only hooligans from Beantown can throw. LP includes a 24" x 36" poster.

Track Listing:

1. B.H.C.A.D.E.D.
2. Poser Disposer
3. Haywire
4. Conditioned For Demolition
5. Boston Boot Boys
6. Is What It Is Aint What It Aint
7. Love Song
8. Like A Train
9. March Of The White Trash Pt. II
10. Get To Steppin
11. Last Ones Out