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Incendiary Device "s/t"


Founded by NYHC journeyman, documentarian, and filmmaker Drew Stone (vocals) and Tristan D'Graves (bass), and rounded out by Shaun Brennan (guitar) and Mike Flaherty (drums), Incendiary Device's music is steeped in early hardcore and classic punk while inescapably maintaining the edge and grit of their New York roots. Heavily influenced by Minor Threat, Negative Approach, SSD, and early Black Flag, Stone and D'Graves share a rich musical history having played and toured together for over a decade in several New York-based bands (Antidote, The High & The Mighty, Drew Stone Hit Squad). Incendiary Device's self-titled release features 12 tracks that capture the energy and rage of NYHC with hook-laden songwriting sensibility, separating them from their peers. Now available on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Incendiary Device
2. Negative Attitude
3. Accelerate
4. Punisher
5. Divided State
6. Breaking Point
7. Living In The Past
8. Crime Scene
9. Just What It's Worth
10. Scarred
11. Nobody Owes You
12. Think For Yourself