Bitter Melody Records


Indecision "Unorthodox"


"Unorthodox" is the now-classic full-length from '90s NYHC heavyweights Indecision, with lyrical content that mostly tackled the issue of religion over straightforward, heavy hardcore. "Bitter Melody" has remastered the recording from the original tapes for the first time for this reissue. Now available again on colored vinyl. LP includes digital download. This is the Coke bottle clear vinyl version.

Track Listing:

1. Blindfold
2. Reconsider
3. Shadowboxing
4. Disregard
5. Purgatory
6. Believe
7. Fracture
8. Resurrection
9. One Last Time
10. Safe Haven
11. You Dissolve
12. Lies
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. No
15. Worlds Apart