Joan Of Arc "So Much Staying Alive And Lovelessness"

Tim Kinsella, Joan Of Arc's lead man, has amassed a collection of songs culled from a variety of sources - sketches begun on his computer at home and collaborations with kindred spirits from coast to coast - and given them life. Further gussied up with help from a plethora of fellow Chicago, IL luminaries, this is a career culmination of Joan Of Arc's musical meanderings and genius in a concise, focused and mature realization. Now available again on 180 gram vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. On A Bedsheet In The Breeze On The Roof
2. The Infinite Blessed Yes
3. Perfect Need And Perfect Completion
4. Olivia Lost
5. Diane Cool And Beautiful
6. Mr. Participation Billy
7. Mean To March
8. Hello Goodnight Good Morning Goodbye
9. Dead Together
10. Madelleine Laughing
11. Staying Alive And Lovelessness