Pop Wig Records


Mary Jane Dunphe "Stage Of Love"


For years now, Mary Jane Dunphe has been at the forefront of exciting underground music with acclaimed releases in projects like Vexx, CCFX, Gen Pop, County Liners, and more. Today, the New York, NY-based musician has begun an exciting, new chapter with the announcement of her debut solo album, "Stage Of Love," via Pop Wig Records. "Stage Of Love" showcases Dunphe's versatile songwriting, coalescing, pulsating drum machines, shimmering synths and guitars, and her singular voice in ten highly danceable avant-pop songs.

Track Listing:

1. Stage Of Love
2. Phantom Heart
3. Longing Loud
4. Moon Halo
5. Opening Of A Field
6. Just Like Air
7. Always Gonna Be The Same
8. I Know A Girl Called Johnny
9. Starless Night
10. Saint Dymphna