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Point Of No Return "The Language Of Refusal"



From Sao Paulo, the largest metro area in the southern hemisphere, hails Point Of No Return. Founded in 1996, this three-singer Brazilian band has long carried the vegan, straight-edge banner in the tropics, singing about political issues and playing a metallic, mosh-infused brand of hardcore. With songs addressing some of the most pressing issues today, such as deforestation and labor exploitation in the Amazon rainforest, the inequities of global warming, the rise of global conservative populism, and the challenges of organizing dissenting political movements, the album delivers these topics in a mix of late-'90s mosh core, Slayer-esque riffs, gang vocals, and hints of Napalm Death. Limited edition of 250 copies.

250 Pink Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. A Fronteira
2. Guile
3. Informal Arcaico
4. A Song Of Incubating Despotism
5. Potency
6. Corroded Cartopia
7. De Segunda Classe Para O Abismo
8. Arbitraria Discriminacao
9. The Folly Of Righteousness