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Redemption 87 "s/t"


Redemption 87 formed out of the Bay Area hardcore-punk scene in the mid-'90s. Featuring Eric Ozenne (Unit Pride/The Nerve Agents/Said Radio) and Tim Chunks (Token Entry/Let Rage) - the band quickly gained popularity by playing with bands like Rancid, A.F.I., and others, playing shows up and down the East and West coasts. The bands debut full-length originally came out in spring of 1997 and is now ready to be in your hands again 25 years later. Now available again on blue with white splatter vinyl. LP includes digital download.

205 Blue With White Splatter

Track Listing:

1. Rumor Mill
2. At The Hand Of Our Disease
3. Spidey's Song
4. From Experience
5. Blind Participation
6. A Solution
7. Caged View
8. The Truth Is Out There
9. About Face
10. All These Years
11. Can't Break Me
12. Something Must Be Done