MNRK Heavy


Take Offense "T.O.tality"


Take Offense, who formed in 2005, isn't one to dwell on the past - they're more apt to forge ahead towards new frontiers. And yet it's all of those years of grinding and the accompanying blood/sweat that got them to "T.O.tality," the new full-length (their fourth overall) for new label MNRK Heavy. With "T.O.tality," Take Offense has reached the pinnacle of the crossover style. LP includes download card.

Track Listing:

1. Greetings From Below
2. S.W.O.
3. T.O.tality
4. If I'm Damned, So Be It
5. Assassination
6. Uncivilized Animals
7. Now Or Never
8. Deep Inside (The House Of Shadows)
9. No Man's Land
10. Stolen Land
11. Until Then
12. Beyond Flesh & Bone
13. Give 'Em Chaos
14. The Prayer