Havoc Records


Wolfbrigade "Comalive"


Ten-year anniversary edition. The fifth album from the Scandinavian hardcore steamroller with 13 tracks of down-tuned, crustcore blasts. Their strongest studio recording since the excellent "Allday Hell," "Comalive" finds the band in peak form blending obvious elements of Poison Idea, Motorhead, Tragedy, and Discharge. 

Track Listing:

1. Hour Of The Wolf
2. In Adrenaline
3. Ride For A Fall
4. Unknown Road
5. Comalive
6. Deny Tomorrow
7. Skulls Of Doom
8. Barren Dreams
9. High Tech Degradation
10. The Race Of Wrath
11. Web Of Lies
12. Phoenix Rising
13. The Die
14. Reality Lashes